Finally Back in Colorado…

Well this is my first post, so I hope the readers out there aren’t too critical. Anyway I got back to Colorado Springs yesterday around 6 in the morning. Joana came to pick me up and then we came home and had my birthday festivities. There was a banner, cupcakes with peppermint patty centers and some presents as well. I opened cards from my family and Joana got me some coffee, tickets to water world (which we were planning on checking out on Monday, but for reasons beyond my control I won’t be getting a long weekend even though we just got back from West Point), and the most recent season of Entourage. Later that night we attempted to cookout…and it didn’t go as planned. But, the George Foreman grill bailed us out.

It was nice to come back home and see that Joana spruced things us quite a bit. When I left, the house was pretty spartan. Now there are decorations and even my prized futon was made more comfortable. I told Joana now we don’t have to buy a couch since the futon was upgraded, but I’m just kidding. I think some real furniture might be a nice touch.

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