WoW woes

Kyle has been back for about a week now (whoohoo!). Tonight he has something called staff duty so he won’t be home for the night. I guess he has to go around and like check up on the people who are checking up on the barracks where the soldiers live. I think. Anyway, he might try and sneak back for a bit so I won’t be totally alone for the whole night. This is good because I do get a little bit scared being alone in a big empty house at night. I start getting all paranoid and hearing every single tiny noise. While he was away at West Point I slept with a flashlight in the bed next to me. We decided it would be fun to kick off Kyle’s staff duty by eating dinner at the dining facility where the soldiers can eat. Yessssss! And we got to eat for free! I think it was because Kyle was checking up on that building too. It sort of reminded me of my days at Ohio State with the barracks being the dorms and the dining facility being Morrill Cafeteria. Yep, those were the good old days. You know how there is the “freshman 15”? I wonder if there is also an “Army 15” because this is like cafeteria food in all its glory. It was  cool to go there though, it is always pretty interesting to me to get a little glimpse into how other people live and do just everyday ordinary stuff.

In other news I have to report that Kyle has fallen off the WoW bandwagon. Not only that but this time he has taken me with him. I am currently the owner of a World of Warcraft dark priest or something like that. Kyle played this game before maybe like the summer before last and had his character up to the highest level there is. He then decided he was playing too much and sold the character to some kid on Craigslist. I think this latest regression was sparked when he heard some people talking about WoW while in New York. Thanks a lot, guys!

Kyle has a 3 day weekend coming up and we have a few fun things planned. We aren’t doing anything too crazy because we just spent a pretty hefty sum of money on some new furniture and my poor broken down Jeep Liberty. That’s life though, I guess. I have  two substitute orientations early in August and I’m hoping if I can become a substitute teacher for at least 2 districts that might keep me busy and help me earn a little money to put toward my student loans. I realize now more than ever how lucky I am that I went to undergrad for free and only have loans for my Masters. However, I am still about to be the owner of teaching licenses from two different states with not a teaching job in sight. I am actually not that frustrated- for right now I would be happy with any job that will help me contribute to our finances even if it’s not teaching. Anyway, that is enough babbling from me. I will just let you guys know when I actually do gain employment of some type. Goodnight!


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I recently moved from Ohio to Colorado to be with my new husband and we are extremely excited to finally start our life together. We wanted to create this blog as a way to let our family and friends back home see what is going on with us since we don't always talk to everyone on the phone all the time.
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One Response to WoW woes

  1. Min says:

    HAHA! I didn’t know you could sell your character on Craigslist. That’s pretty amazing. Brandon’s had SDO twice these past two Sundays. At least we have Levi and Bella to keep us company!

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