post-op pancakes

K had his laser eye surgery this morning. Everything went well and he is feeling okay so far. He said he even feels like he can see better already! He has all sorts of drops he has to put in his eyes and pain medication. We had to take them all with us to the hospital this morning to prove he had them and it was funny to see all the other people there for the same surgery with their big brown paper bags full of medicine. It was also funny to see the people who forgot their medicines getting reprimanded by the nurses like little kids who forgot their homework. At the end of the surgery they gave K some stylish sunglasses to wear home. Here he is a couple hours after the surgery eating some chocolate chip pancakes:

A side note: K does own many other shirts but for some reason these Lakewood basketball practice jerseys seem to be his go-to look while at home.


About littletulip

I recently moved from Ohio to Colorado to be with my new husband and we are extremely excited to finally start our life together. We wanted to create this blog as a way to let our family and friends back home see what is going on with us since we don't always talk to everyone on the phone all the time.
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