hello october

I said in my last post that K and I had a busy weekend planned. It started on Thursday night with a ball for K’s battalion at a hotel in downtown CO Springs. I think the highlight of the evening for me was when they made this drink called grog in a big tub. Different people came up and poured in all sorts of various alcohols that held some meaning in the history of the battalion. Apparently this is a really common thing at Army balls but the grog will be different depending on the group. Two of the grosser ingredients were sand from Iraq and sweat from a t-shirt (still not sure if those were real). Then one person from each table ran up (literally, ran) with a pitcher to get some for everyone to try. This woman in our group kept saying it smelled like skunk so I made sure to hold my nose when I took a taste. K said it didn’t taste that bad and that he had one before that tasted like gasoline. I got to see some familiar faces from K’s company and meet some new people so that was good. It was an interesting night for sure.

Friday morning, K, Levi and I went to Happy Apple Farm to pick pumpkins. It felt a little strange picking pumpkins in 85 degree weather but it was still fun. It was something I had never done before and I wasn’t about to let “unseasonable” weather stop us!

Saturday went by super fast- in the morning K and I went to the Air Force/Navy football game. We left the game a little early to attend a cookout for the commander of K’s company who is getting out of the Army. We ate hotdogs, sat by a fire pit and played catchphrase. My favorite part was when K got the Pillsbury Doughboy and gave this clue: “Ok, he is a fat guy who makes all the snacks. He’s white.” Everyone was like what???? It was fun. After all that running around, today we have been relaxing and watching some football. We had an impromptu cookout for lunch- the weather is perfect, 75 and sunny. Now I am going to go enjoy the rest of my Sunday! Here are more pictures from our pumpkin hunting:

Levi was tuckered out.


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I recently moved from Ohio to Colorado to be with my new husband and we are extremely excited to finally start our life together. We wanted to create this blog as a way to let our family and friends back home see what is going on with us since we don't always talk to everyone on the phone all the time.
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