one day get-away: boulder

Last Friday, K finally came home after 12 days in the field. He really needed some fun in his life after that experience so we decided to drive up to Boulder for the day on Saturday. We left early in the morning and drove straight to the Celestial Seasonings Factory (Celestial Seasonings only operates this one factory in Boulder). We took a free tour which we both agreed was alright, nothing spectacular- at least it was free! We did see “The Mint Room” in which the smell was so strong it made you cry and you feel like your body is immersed in a peppermint- that was pretty cool. The best part was the gift shop- they sell every variety of tea imaginable, including many I had never seen in any grocery store. We restrained ourselves and only bought four boxes of tea. I was very proud of us because we didn’t get sucked into buying any of the other overpriced souvenirs of which there were A LOT.

Teas galore!

Bengal Spice.

Sleepytime Bear.

After our tea adventure we headed to our hotel. It was right on the edge of the campus of the University of Colorado and within walking distance of downtown. We started walking downtown when we came upon a bustling farmer’s market. This place was AMAZING! Almost all of the produce stands were organic and the stuff actually looked really good. Most of the organic produce I see at the grocery store is crazy expensive and looks all small and shriveled. There were also stands for meat and dairy and canning. K and I were getting hungry so we split a delicious white chocolate chip raspberry scone. There were musicians and the place itself was extremely busy like this is just the place to be in town on Saturday morning.

One of the many organic produce booths.

Another horrible picture I took. I was getting self-concious with all the people around.

After this little detour, we headed downtown to a place called Pearl Street Mall. Unfortunately, I really failed in the picture taking department for the rest of the day. I get so caught up in whatever we are doing I totally forget. Oh well. Pearl Street Mall is a long street lined with various shops and restaurants. We spent a good few hours window shopping and browsing through stores. Part of the street is closed off to cars and is really pretty because it is a brick-lined area with different sculptures around. We saw some street performers in this place throughout the day including musicians, guys that contorted themselves to squeeze under limbo-esque poles and a gold cowboy. We got lunch here before finally checking into our hotel.

Someone else's picture of Pearl Street. There was no snow when we were there and it was very sunny.

If  you thought K was bored by our morning activities, you are probably right! In the afternoon, we spent some time at various outdoor stores and outlets looking for skiing gear. We debated as to whether we would ski this year because of the cost. In the end we decided to go for it because K will not be here next year and we want to “live it up” (within reason, of course) while he is here. Also, we won’t be living in Colorado forever and one of the reasons K chose this place was because of the outdoor activities. Anyway, we ended up finding some really good deals.

We spent our evening in Boulder at two breweries. We went to Twisted Pine Brewery first where we each sampled one type of local beer. We then headed to the Walnut Brewery in downtown Boulder. Here we had more local beer and dinner. The second place was downtown and very close to our hotel. There had been a Christmas lighting ceremony that took place downtown so all the lights were on and there was even an ice skating rink we saw on the way back to our hotel. Boulder is definitely a college town no question. This was evident not only by the throngs of college aged people everywhere but also by our hotel stay. Saturday was game day at the University of Colorado and we had Kansas fans at our hotel up carousing all hours of the night. It reminded me of being at Ohio State. We did check out the campus on the way out of town and it looks like a really cool place. One day is not a lot of time to see a city, but I think our trip was just the little get-away we needed. We did get to see a lot and fortunately about half of the things we did to fill up our day were free.

Now we are home and getting excited for Thanksgiving. Yesterday K was promoted from Second Lieutenant to First Lieutenant so if you read this be sure to congratulate him! I did not get to see his promotion because I was spending the day with a bunch of crazed 5th graders (subbing on the day before any major break is risky business I’ve been told). Happy Thanksgiving!


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I recently moved from Ohio to Colorado to be with my new husband and we are extremely excited to finally start our life together. We wanted to create this blog as a way to let our family and friends back home see what is going on with us since we don't always talk to everyone on the phone all the time.
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  1. Mom says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to the both of you! We wish you were both here, however we are glad you have friends to share this day with. We all send our love to you! Congrats Kyle! I saw Nog in the store yesterday but it is too early to bring it home! Nog and chowda–now there’s an interesting combo!

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