a weekend full of thanks

Although K has spent a few Thanksgiving holidays away from home, this was my first year not being with my family. That is why I am so incredibly thankful we got invited to the home of one of the families K works with. Our hostess was the same woman whose baby shower I attended a couple weeks ago, E from Lakewood. I think if we stayed home we would have ended up cooking some sort of mini-Thanksgiving meal but this way we got to have everything we are used to and then some! Besides pretty much every single traditional Thanksgiving food, we were surrounded by a houseful of people which made it feel more like Thanksgiving than anything else. We were in charge of bringing the mashed potatoes. There was supposed to be around 19 people there so I decided to buy 10 lbs of potatoes- this was WAY too much, by the way. I am so lucky to have K because he really helped me so much by washing and peeling all the potatoes:

peeling pro!

Look at him go! I think our potatoes turned out well but anything with that much butter in it had to taste good! K also helped me by squeezing all the garlic cloves out of the roasted garlic. He did all the dirty work. Anyway, all in all our Thanksgiving was a success- we had a lot of fun and were totally stuffed.

first of two batches

Yesterday, K and I embarked upon our first skiing adventure. K hasn’t been  in a while so he needed to get used to it again but he seemed to get the hang of it by the end of the day. This was my first time so I was stuck on the bunny hill. The first time down I fell twice and skied into a fence. I also fell down once while attempting to simply walk around on a flat surface- it was embarrassing! I think I improved by the end of the day and even tried a green hill which I did very slowly but without wiping out. Another lieutenant K works with and his fiance have the same passes we do so we are hoping to ski with them some time soon!









This morning we are relaxing and watching OSU beat Michigan’s booty. We took Levi out earlier with his new toy, the Chuck It. Here is a little video of him in action and one of the few times he actually brought the ball right back to us:










About littletulip

I recently moved from Ohio to Colorado to be with my new husband and we are extremely excited to finally start our life together. We wanted to create this blog as a way to let our family and friends back home see what is going on with us since we don't always talk to everyone on the phone all the time.
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5 Responses to a weekend full of thanks

  1. Min says:

    Ah! I’m so proud of Levi’s fetching. Bella would just turn to us and think, “Hey, why don’t you get it?”

  2. Leana says:

    Good job on those spuds Kyle!

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