hello, beard

My mom told me today how this police officer my sister worked with at the library came in after retiring and she hardly recognized him because he had grown a beard. Apparently after 30 years of shaving almost everyday he was sick of it. I started thinking about how you said you were going to grow a mustache while you were gone and I wondered if you ever grew a beard how I would feel about it. I then found this website where you can add all sorts of little fun additions to pictures and voila!

I feel like I could’ve done better work BUT I didn’t want to waste more time than I already have fiddling around on this site. For the second picture I had to add some chest hair to your face because the beard was not fitting the way I wanted. Kind of gross, huh? I concluded that no matter what you do in the facial hair arena, I will still love you! Unless of course you decide to go this route:


About littletulip

I recently moved from Ohio to Colorado to be with my new husband and we are extremely excited to finally start our life together. We wanted to create this blog as a way to let our family and friends back home see what is going on with us since we don't always talk to everyone on the phone all the time.
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One Response to hello, beard

  1. Min says:

    I saw the first picture before I started reading and I was terrified. Thank goodness the facial hair is fake!

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