book club!

I was thinking about how you bought a bunch of books for your Kindle before you left and how you said you weren’t able to really get into Stones into Schools. I went to the library last week and picked up  a few books. My hope is that by the time you come home for R&R, I will be able to give you some good recommendations. I had in mind how much you liked The Dirty Life when I picked out my first batch of books.

I came across this book called Farewell, my Subaru which sounded intriguing and when I read the premise it seemed perfect. The author, Doug Fines, is a journalist with absolutely no agricultural background who buys a ranch in New Mexico to start raising goats, farming and reducing his carbon footprint, etc. Sound a little bit familiar?

I have to be honest with you, though. I am about a third of the way through this book and I don’t like it as much as The Dirty Life. I think the reason is because I find the author to be sort of….annoying… so it’s hard for me to get behind him. He does use the word “epic” in the title of his book, after all. I think he is growing on me, though. Plus, what he is doing and the shenanigans he gets himself into are pretty amazing. I am definitely going to finish the book and I think you will like it. The author kind of reminds me of you, funny and a little bit annoying but becoming more lovable as times goes on. Just kidding!

p.s. Is it bad that I forgot how to properly write the title of a book? Aaahh!

p.p.s. When you retire from the Army can we start a farm??!!

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where we rest our heads

My room at home is pretty much the same as it was when we stayed here last Christmas. Still, I thought you might like to see a picture of where I sprawl out and hog all the blankets. This it it!

Remember this?

I thought I could change the picture at the top of the site every month or so to some of the places we’ve visited over the years. This one is pretty easy but I will try to make them more challenging as time goes on!

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oh hey

So… I am pretty sure my five or so readers have probably given up on me by now. If anyone out there is still reading this, I just wanted to give you a heads up that I plan to start writing in here again BUT it is going to be different.

Now that K is officially deployed, I want to write posts directed at this handsome guy so he can see what I’ve been up to during times where we don’t get to talk much.

I’m not sure what the communication situation will be like yet since he just got there but I thought this would be a really easy way for me to show him pictures and videos. It’s kind of an experiment so we’ll see what happens. Hopefully he will like it and for everyone else it will be snooze-fest 2011.


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last weekend’s pictures

So….here are some pictures from the weekend. I realize it is now almost the next weekend but considering today is St. Patrick’s Day and some of our pictures are holiday-themed, I think it is okay.

My dad and I went to Garden of the Gods when he visited and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been there yet. It is so beautiful! I knew I wanted to take K there when he came home and Saturday turned out to be a nice sunny day so we went hiking.

Kissing camels. How sweet!

Any picture with Levi took a lot of takes because he wouldn't look toward the camera.

Our pictures do not do justice to Garden of the Gods. It is a really amazing place.

After hiking, we went to a St. Patrick’s Day parade downtown:

There were a lot of horses and I tried to take pictures of all of them.

Dancing gorillas for Tony's, clearly an Irish bar.

Cool old fashioned bikes!

We ate dinner and played some foosball at the Hatch Cover. K may say differently if you ask him, but I definitely won. We got some green beer in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. A guy named Joe who looked like he had done a little too much celebrating that day started talking to us until his wife (or some woman who knew him) stormed in and starting screaming at him. That was the end of Joe but we still had a very fun day all in all.

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Sometimes when I start to whine about my life I just need to stop and remind myself how lucky I am. There are some terrible things happening in the world right now that make whatever problems I have seem pretty small. I am grateful to have my husband here with me still and I know we need to make the most of our time together before he deploys. Being a debbie downer is not going to change the inevitable. On that note, last night we had a little date night at Chipotle (lol). Afterwards we strolled around Borders looking at books. On the way home we stopped at a frozen yogurt place that just opened called i top it. I was in awe because there was probably like 50 different toppings from fruit to cereal to candy and marshmallows. K doesn’t look very happy in this picture but he was too busy enjoying his frozen yogurt:

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a small update

My mom reminded me today that I have not posted in forever! K made it home on February 28 (yay!). It is so nice to have him back. He had to go back to work the next day after coming home and although he got a 3 day weekend, I had to work so it felt like a regular weekend. We did some of K’s favorite things such as eating at a brewery and shopping at Costco. Other than that we have been laying low. Work is giving me a lot of hours and I come home very tired plus I think I am getting sick again. K is usually tired from getting up so early so we pretty much eat dinner and watch TV until someone falls asleep. That is just life for us right now! I don’t know if it’s the shadow of the upcoming deployment hanging over us or just the business of our everyday lives but we need something good in our lives right now. We made some plans for this weekend so I’m hoping my sickness does not get in the way. Hopefully I will have more to share next time.

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one year sorta

Although K and I plan on celebrating our wedding anniversary on June 12 each year, we were technically legally married on February 26. So, today is our anniversary! I think I will always remember this day no matter what so even though it wasn’t our “official” wedding day, it will always give me a reason to have a mini celebration in the dreary month of February. Here we are one year ago, happy, nervous and excited:

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